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Merry Christmas from ARCS!

on Sun, 12/16/2012 - 12:19

The ARCS Family of Choirs extends to you and yours our best wishes for the holiday season!  On Sunday, December 9th, 150 voices -- members of Up2Christmas, Up2Something and Something Different -- joined together to present "Something Christmas" at River Park Church.  We were thrilled to perform for two sold-out audiences and appreciated their enthusiastic reception.  Thank you for all the positive feedback!  What a magical time is the Christmas season and we were so honored to share it with you! 

I'm writing from a clifftop near Paia in Maui, Hawaii.  Having arrived here just a couple of days ago, I'm finding it odd to adjust to lush green hillsides, sunshine and crashing waves when just a week ago I was dashing through the snow en route to our Christmas performances.  How wonderful is a world in which we have the freedom to board a plane and within hours, be in a different time zone, climate and scenery.  On the way to our accommodation, we passed a Christmas display of Santa and his reindeer, in front of which a man was mowing his lawn.  Strange to say the least for a born and bred Canadian!

As 2012 comes to a close, I'm reminded of the many things for which I'm grateful.  Among these is the opportunity to make music with men and women who share my passion for the art.  Most of us never have the opportunity to stand on a stage and sing "O Holy Night" in complex harmony with a cohort of more than 100 people.  What a great gift!  I'm thankful for all the men and women who have made ARCS a vibrant and successful organization fueled by cameraderie, community and inclusion.  We thrive because of your belief in our vision of "awakening, nurturing and sharing the magic of voices in harmony".

So many great things are in store for the New Year and I'm excited to explore them all with you!  On behalf of the ARCS Family of Choirs, enjoy the holidays and may music, peace, health and happiness be yours in abundance in 2013!


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