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That Was Really Something!

on Sun, 02/22/2015 - 12:56
The ARCS 2015 Talent Show & Silent Auction on February 21st at the Gateway on SAIT's Campus was a tour de force of incredible performances. The members of ARCS took the spotlight for this annual event showcasing their talent to the delight of an enthusiastic audience. 23 acts seized the theme "Dance to the Music" and astounded everyone in attendance with their polished performances, stunning costumes, creativity and staging. The audience got in on the action with competitions for best "Twist" couple and best "Village People" impersonation. The emcees, Lyndia and Shari, did an outstanding job of introducing the acts with humor and sass. Guests bid on items in the Silent Auction and entered to win half the pot in a 50:50 draw.
Over the past thirteen years, ARCS has committed itself to awakening, nurturing and sharing the magic of voices in harmony. The ARCS Talent Show is an extension of that mission - and what an experience it is to see the fruits of our labour. Newcomers to our organization joined with more seasoned members on stage, each bringing something truly special and unique. To know that we've provided an opportunity for adults to express their talents, creativity and, frankly, brilliance is incredibly gratifying. To each and every performer who took up the challenge, our most heartfelt and enthusiastic congratulations. You were and are AMAZING!
Behind the scenes is another tour de force of dedicated staff and volunteers who made the Talent Show possible. To each and everyone that gifted us with their time and talent in organizing, decorating, promoting, rehearsing, staging, producing, lifting, moving, coordinating and everything in between - THANK YOU! What a great community is ARCS because of you.
That was really something!

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